Leveraging Character Strengths in Your Team

Character strengths are understood to be pre-existing qualities that feel authentic and intrinsically motivating to use, and that enable optimal performance and wellbeing.

Employee engagement has been improved by regular use of strengths. When combined with positive emotions, strengths improve employee engagement, performance, job satisfaction and work meaningfulness.

Working with teammates, this workshop takes participants through a journey of discovering what their strengths are and recognising strengths in each other. An efficient team will recognise and use each other’s strengths to their benefit.

  • Understand the science of character strengths
  • Understand own personal strengths
  • Learn to spot strengths in others
  • Use character strengths in goal setting
  • Identify new ways to use character strengths

This workshop includes use of the PDx Flourishing Strengths card sorting exercise to help participants identify their top character strengths, as well as those in their colleagues.

  • 2-3 hours
  • 6 – 20 participants
  • Facilitated on client’s premises
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