FlourishDx: Workplace Mental Health

Mentally healthy workplaces reduce risks to employee health, increase wellbeing, and add to the bottom line.

FlourishDx empowers organisations across the globe to take a preventative approach to employee mental health. Combing risk management with wellbeing promotion, it is a powerful tool to reduce the likelihood of mental illness, and increase opportunities for employees to optimise their mental wellbeing.

Created with assistance from a world leading research institute, and in collaboration with highly regarded companies, FlourishDx has many features to simplify and improve mental health in the workplace.

It includes:

  • High quality elearning (mental health, sleep health, fatigue risk management)
  • Two validated surveys (“Work Design” survey and “Flourish” survey)
  • Ability to be integrated into existing IT solutions
  • Employee access to a library of evidence based wellbeing promoting activities
  • Employee access to guided meditations (including mindfulness)

Find out more at www.flourishdx.com

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