Flourishing at University

Why settle for anything but the best? University students strive for academic excellence, but why not also strive for excellence in mental wellbeing?

Researchers have found that 45% of Australians are likely to develop a mental illness in their lifetime. However 75% of these people will have their first experience with a mental health problem before the age of 25.

The consequences of mental illness in a university context include: lower academic performance, lower course completion rates, and difficulty entering the workforce.

The current approach to mental health in Australia is largely reactive, targeting the 20% of people who currently identify with a mental illness. We believe that a primary intervention approach would benefit the majority of students.

Flourishing at University is a preventative approach to mental health for staff and students in tertiary institutions. The goal is to keep individuals well, assist to optimise wellbeing, and increase the likelihood that individuals will seek professional assistance if there is a need.

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