Fatigue Risk Management Online Training

Poor sleep and fatigue is commonplace in today’s 24-hour society regularly affecting more than a third of all adults. The consequence of this to individuals is short-term impairment and reduced quality of life, with long-term effects ranging from increased risk of illness and disease to early death. Lack of sleep can also be downright unsafe with the effects of sleepiness being comparable to being legally drunk.

The purpose of this eLearning program is to help individuals and workplaces understand and respond to risks caused by employee fatigue. The aim is to increase health, safety, wellbeing and productivity outcomes.

Organisations and individuals have a duty of care to manage fatigue risk. Businesses can start by using the Fatigue Risk Management online training to inform employees about fatigue risk and how it can be managed.

Individuals can use the Fatigue Risk Management training to understand how to be well rested before attending work and how to recognise and mitigate fatigue risk at work should they become too tired to work safely.

The Fatigue Risk Management online training will help employees:

  • Understand the causes and consequences of fatigue;
  • Understand the link between your sleep, health, mood and safety;
  • Optimise your sleep and rectify common sleeping problems for improved alertness and wellbeing;
  • Apply a risk management approach to mitigate fatigue risk (at work and at home);
  • Seek help for serious sleep problems (including sleep disorders).

The training is written by psychologists with significant fatigue management and workplace health and safety expertise. It features:

  • high quality engaging animated content,
  • plenty of supporting information,
  • multiple choice questions to ensure transfer of learning,
  • FAQs – with ability to email additional questions to course authors,
  • self-paced learning (learners can come and go as they please),
  • can be completed on most devices with internet connectivity, and
  • provides a certificate on completion.
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