Leader Fatigue Risk Management Online Training

Mental fatigue (caused primarily by insufficient sleep) is a significant safety concern for businesses. Extended wakefulness and regular sleep deprivation have a comparable impact on impairment as being legally drunk.

The Leader FRM eLearning assists those responsible for direct supervision of employees in safety-critical roles to identify and mitigate fatigue risk.

The Leader Fatigue Risk Management Online training will assist managers:

  • Understand the primary responsibilities of a team leader in relation to fatigue risk management;
  • Identify common fatigue hazard that can reduce employee safety;
  • Assess fatigue risk within your team;
  • Apply a risk management approach to mitigate fatigue risk (at a team member level); and
  • Direct team members to assistance for complicated sleep problems.

The training is of the highest quality (both in content and aesthetics) available for online workplace education. Each 2-4 minute video can also be made available as stand-alone modules and come complete with a leader discussion guide. This makes for an easy to prepare and facilitate “micro-learning” event and can create a deeper learning experience than purely online. It also removes the need for a subject matter expert to be on site.

There are 5 modules in this course which take approximately 5 minutes each to complete. Each module will contain core material which needs to be viewed in full before progressing. Additional content and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available to view on tabs (optional) to help you to further understand course content. Each module will be followed by 2-3 multiple choice questions to ensure transfer of knowledge.

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